Wet Rooms Totton

For the best wet rooms Totton has to offer, look no further than the design and installation specialists here at R. Wilson Bathrooms. We specialise in fitting wet rooms and are expert bathroom fitters with many years of experience under our belt. To request a FREE, no-obligation quotation, contact our Southampton team on 02380 600960. 

The Best Wet Rooms Winchester Has Ever Seen  

Here at R. Wilson Bathrooms, we proudly design and install bespoke wet rooms and bathrooms and are considered by many to be the number one bathroom fitters. Totton customers can expect a tailored service when they come to us as we transform their bathroom with an amazing walk-in shower feature. 

Wet rooms are especially great for elderly and disabled users. Our disabled wet rooms come with various features intended to improve accessibility, such as handrails and wet room seating. So that we can tailor your wet room to your needs, we’ll arrange a face-to-face consultation when you call our team. 

We’ll discuss your ideas, take measurements, and offer advice and suggestions to help formulate a design proposal. This will be accompanied by a FREE, no-obligation quotation. And if you accept our quotation, we can have your wet room fitted in a matter of days. 

Wet Rooms Totton

What is a Wet Room?  

Wet rooms, Southampton customers, are completely waterproofed enclosures that encompass the shower and often the tub. The space in which the wet room is fitted has been “tanked”, which means that the floors, walls, and ceiling have been sealed to keep out moisture. The shower level is usually kerbless and is level with the rest of the bathroom floor. 

All wet rooms are designed with a gradual slope in the floor that begins at the outer edge and slopes down towards a drain in the middle. This prevents water from running into the rest of the bathroom. And there’s a usually a glass door, glass partition, or a half or pony wall to delineate the shower space and contain any errant splashing.  

What Are the Benefits of a Wet Room?  

Are you contemplating having a wet room fitted? Would you like to know the benefits of a wet room? Well, here they are: 

  • Boosted Accessibility 
  • Easier to Clean 
  • Adds Value to Your Home 
  • Maximises Design Opportunities 
  • Ideal for Small Bathrooms 

Because of how wet rooms are designed, they are far easier to access for elderly and disabled users and young children. They are easier to clean as they lack many of the glass screens or other fixtures usually found in traditional showers. 

If your bathroom is overly small, then a wet room might be the best option. They allow for a better use of the limited space by removing the bathtub or large, bulky shower enclosure. 

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Why Wet Rooms Are More Practical Compared to a Normal Bathroom  

Wet rooms are far more practical when compared to a normal bathroom as they are far easier to access than a standard shower enclosure or over-bath shower head. Because they are easier to keep clean, your maintenance time is reduced. There are no barriers to entry, superior layout possibilities, and because the whole thing is watertight, you’ve less problems with water finding its way into places it shouldn’t be. 

Why Should You Pick R. Wilson Bathrooms to Create Your Wet Room? 

Wilson Bathrooms is a highly motivated, family-run company with more than two decades of experience. Under the guidance of Barry Thornton, we’ve been delivering comprehensive wet room and bathroom fitting services in Southampton and beyond for a long time now. We derive pleasure from delivering high-quality services, 100% customer satisfaction, and fast, clean installations.

Over the years, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength, and we’re pleased to say that most of our work comes from personal recommendations from our satisfied clients. We’re dedicated to providing all our customers with quality wet rooms and bathroom installations at prices to suit all budgets. 

With fixed price quotations for all jobs, from washers to bathrooms, you’re assured of excellent value for money. And all jobs are carried out by our highly trained experts, combining the latest technology with solid practical experience. 

Other Services That We Offer   

In addition to designing and installing wet rooms, we at R. Wilson Bathrooms offer other services, including: 

You can read a little more about each of these services below. And if you’d like further details, get in touch with our Totton team. 


You’d be amazed by just how much wood goes into your average building, from the floorboards and building frame to bathroom units, skirting boards, window frames, doors, and more. Here at R. Wilson Bathrooms, we offer a comprehensive carpentry service and pride ourselves on the highest workmanship standards. 

If you would like to learn more about our carpentry capabilities, pick up the phone and call R. Wilson Bathrooms today. 


As Totton’s leading bathroom and wet room installers, it stands to reason that we would handle plumbing jobs, too. We offer a superb plumbing service at highly competitive prices. We take on any job, no matter how big or small it might be, from installing boilers to cylinders, pumps, immersion heaters, radiators, and more. 


The bathroom is easily one of the most important rooms in any property. It’s here where you get ready for work, relax with a soak in the evening, or refresh with an invigorating shower. A bathroom should reflect the user’s lifestyle and preferences, which is why we offer a range of bathroom suites and features as part of our bespoke design and installation service. 

Our range of suites include basins, bathtubs, showers, cabinets, accessories, and more. Every aspect is fully customisable, and we’ll work with you to design your dream bathroom before supplying you with a “down to earth” on the spot price. 

We can handle any request and complete all work, from design and installation to all associated services, such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, decorating, and tiling.  


Check out our gallery page to see high-definition examples of some of the excellent wet rooms and bathrooms we’ve installed throughout Totton and beyond. 


See what makes us the best installer of wet rooms Southampton has to offer, click on our testimonial page to read what our previous customers have said. 

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So, if you’re looking to transform your bathroom with an integrated shower room, you now know who to call – R. Wilson Bathrooms. Our beautiful wet rooms are designed around your tastes and budget with the latest features adapted to your lifestyle. Customers have come to us for bathrooms and wet rooms for many years, and it’s clear to see why. 

Our reputation cannot be beaten, nor can our exceptional service or our affordable prices. For the best wet rooms Totton customers have seen, the decision is clear – choose R. Wilson Bathrooms. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered already, give us a call and we’ll provide you with the answers you seek. 

The quickest way to get in contact with R. Wilson Bathrooms is to phone us on 02380 600960. To get in touch using a written method, fill out our online contact form or email info@rwilsonservices.uk, and we’ll reply as quickly as possible.