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Bathrooms Hampshire

If you are looking for an aesthetic bathroom that aligns perfectly with your Hampshire property, you have come to the right place. We here at R. Wilson Bathrooms are the number one specialists in bathroom design and installation. We are happy to offer you a wide range of designs to fit your aesthetics.

If you would like to learn more about our Hampshire bathroom design and installation here in Hampshire, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today. You can get in touch by calling us on 02380 453 112 or email us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Best Bathrooms Design We Have to Offer

The bathroom is one of the critical components of any property, and they deserve to get more attention to design and detail. As it is one of the most used rooms on your property, we here at R. Wilson Bathrooms believe you should have a luxurious washroom to enjoy.

If you choose our bespoke bathroom services, our professional team will consult with you so that we can design a few plans for your perfect Hampshire bathrooms. We will mix your vision and our expertise to create the washroom design to fit your property’s aesthetics.

Luxury Bathroom Style, Design, and Installation For Your Home

Here at R. Wilson Bathrooms, we would like to offer you the most luxurious bathroom designs and installations that go perfectly with your Hampshire property aesthetics. We recognize that each client has their unique taste, which is why we offer our best bathroom designer in Hampshire in all shapes, sizes, and designs so we can customise your style and get any outcome you would like for your property.

If you do not have a particular style or design in mind, our talented designers would be happy to help you with advice regarding your bathroom project to suit both your budget and style.

Other Bathroom Services Available

Alongside our bathroom design and installation, we are happy to offer a wide range of bathroom services to our clients. We can comprehensively tackle your whole washroom to provide our bathroom services in-house, from carpentry, shower and design to tiling.

We can take care of tiling using high-quality materials such as marble, granite, ceramic and limestone. Moreover, our professional electricians can also offer electrical help such as lighting design and rewires, no matter the complexity of the bathroom. We can also focus on the luxury of your bathroom through carpentry and remodelling to have the best finish.

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Why Choose Our Bathroom Services in Hampshire?

Here at R. Wilson Bathrooms, we are happy to offer you the most luxurious bathrooms design and installation in Hampshire. We are proud to have over two decades of experience in the industry, which has helped us expand our skillset and knowledge of Hampshire bathroom installation and design.

Our team is highly qualified and have a comprehensive approach when working on your bathroom project. We only use the highest quality of materials to take care of your situation. We are also happy to provide you with the complete solution and advice you need to offer you the most luxurious and sturdy bathrooms for your property according to your budget.

Contact Us For Bathroom Installation

Now that you know how R. Wilson Bathrooms can help you with your project, we are confident you will call us for your following bathroom renovation needs. We have the bathrooms designed to match your unique lifestyle, whether a big bath or a very functional small one. No matter the complexity, we believe that our bathroom specialists Hampshire can exceed your expectations.

If you would like to book a bathroom consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch with our friendly team by calling us on 02380 600960, or you can send us an email with your questions at, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.