Are you looking to transform your bathroom? Perhaps you desire something traditional, or maybe you’re a fan of contemporary design. Whatever you feel is right, you should call R. Wilson Bathrooms as we offer affordably priced bathroom installation. Southampton customers, for a free consultation and quotation, make sure you call our team today on 02380 600960.

Choose a Professional Bathroom Installation in Southampton

The bathroom is easily one of the most used rooms in any household, but it’s often the most neglected room too. Often, homeowners will focus more on the bedroom or kitchen as the bathroom is often seen as serving a functional purpose only. But consider how much time you spend in there, and you’ll likely agree that a professional bathroom installation, Southampton customers, is the right choice.

A new bathroom designed to fit your specific tastes and preferences will make you enjoy every minute you spend in there. Not only that, but a tailored bathroom can be designed around your lifestyle with features that benefit you while lacking features you don’t require.

For instance, you might be more of a shower person, and so have no need for a bathtub. Or you might be a couple looking to invest in a double sink, so you both have somewhere to get ready in the morning. Such is the nature of our Southampton bathroom installation service that any need can be accommodated, regardless of budget.

The Best Bathroom Installation Southampton Has Ever Seen

At R. Wilson Bathrooms, we have an excellent range of bathroom suites for customers to choose from, and all can be easily customised to suit their preferences. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small box room for a bathroom or something that’s approaching the point of being overly generous. We can work with what’s in front of us, optimising the usage of space for a bathroom installation in Southampton that feels spacious.
We’ll sit down with you beforehand to discuss everything, from your choice of fixtures to your preferred fittings. And we’ll take measurements too and offer helpful advice and suggestions based on our observations. All this is to steer you towards your dream bathroom installation, Southampton customers. And that’s not all – we handle all the work ourselves.
You’ll, of course, be supplied with a free, no-obligation quote which you’re welcome to turn down. If you choose our Southampton bathroom installation team, know that we boast all trades under a single roof, including:
• Plasterers
• Carpenters
• Electricians
• Plumbers
• Tilers
• Flooring Specialists
This means we can take care of every single facet of your request from start-to-finish. Think about it – no waiting around while you assemble tradesmen from different companies. No delays caused by someone in the chain not doing what they’re meant to when they’re supposed to. Just a single point of contact, ensuring a hassle-free outcome.
So, if you’re in the market for a bathroom installation, Southampton customers now know who to call. To learn more about R. Wilson Bathrooms, keep reading.

Why Choose Our Southampton Bathroom Installation Company?

We recognise that it can be tricky knowing who to turn to when it comes to deciding on a bathroom installation. Southampton customers, we aim to make that decision a lot clearer. At R. Wilson Bathrooms, we’ve committed ourselves to ensuring each of our customers receives impeccable service and excellent value for money.

With all trades under a single roof, you’ll only ever have to deal with a single point of contact, greatly simplifying the entire process. And because we have complete control, we can ensure deadlines are met and that the price you agree at the start is the price you pay. Where other companies rely on you hiring tradesmen elsewhere, such a guarantee is not possible.

R. Wilson Bathrooms has been around for well over 20 years, and in that time, we’ve provided countless customers with the bathroom they’ve always dreamed of. We work to any schedule to, so if you need work carried out during quieter hours, you’ll be pleased to hear we’re available 24/7. No wonder we’re the go-to company for many seeking a bathroom installation in Southampton.
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